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How Much Is Your Home Worth?Selling Your Home

A home purchase is normally one of the biggest assets a consumer has purchased in a lifetime.  When it comes time to sell owners think about all the money, time, and energy invested into maintaining their home over the years.  Unfortunately, all the money invested often times cannot be regained penny for penny for what was put into the house.  Some expenses for upkeep and enhancements may not ever be fully recovered. 

Intrinsic Value

The upside is a home normally adds intrinsic value to our lives which is priceless.  A house is often referred to as brick and mortar  a home is somewhere we build lasting memories. The goal when selling a home is to set a fair asking price any discerning consumer would be willing to pay for it at a fair price.  If you were the buyer out home shopping what price would you pay for it in today's market?

Presentation is Everything!

When it comes to selling a home sometimes presentation is everything.  You may have the best looking home on the block with all the greatest features but there could be a myriad of reasons why it is just not selling.  If you have pets, it could be because you have pets in the property whose smell you have become immune to but someone looking at the home nose hasn't built that same tolerance.  So it is important when potential buyers and showing agents give you feedback on how well your property shows to stay open-minded and if you cannot be objective about their comments, ask a friend.  My experience has been buyers are normally looking to buy a house not for all the reasons why they should not.

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions!

A key thing to remember with buyers looking at your home is first impressions are lasting impressions.  Curb appeal sometimes gets a buyer into the home, interior appeal is what keeps them there.  Buyers are making decisions based on the first look to the last look before they do that nod of acceptance. 

I've seen buyers walk away from a home with $20K in equity because the shower stall wasn't clean to their standards.  The buyer loved everything else about the house, but that one factor kept them from buying.  They felt if the shower was untidy it may lend to other issues which were sight unseen that hadn't been kept tidy either which may end up costing them a lot of money down the road. 

Now by all means all buyers are not that picky.  We do have buyers who can walk into a home in total disrepair and have the vision to see the future beauty in the property.  I love buyers like that, unfortunately, all buyers are not like that.  

For my sellers, I always try and encourage them to give the house a home feel.  The type of home feel and presentation you would look for if you were purchasing the home yourself.  The first question I normally ask a seller during a listing presentation is "Why did you decide to buy this home out of all the homes on the market when you where making your purchasing decision?"  I've found time and time again it is the number one selling point to use as a marketing tool to get prospects in the door to see the home.

Don’t hide the house!

Is your home picture shy?  Well, try and break it out of its shell.  More photos normally equate to more showings in this business.  Just look online, which listings are more appealing to you?  The ones with photos or the ones with out?  Selling your home entails giving it its own brand identity for prospective buyers to want to buy it.

For Sale By Owner!

I try and present my clients with all the homes available on the market.  If you are selling your home yourself and want more exposure it would be my pleasure to present the home and your contact information on my website.  I will let you in on a secret, buyers search real estate agent websites to find homes.  Give your home in the Hampton Roads area added exposure by contacting me to showcase it on my website. Contact me direct at (757) 932-0053 for more information or just send an email with photos to:  Lynne@C21.com.  I am very diligent about my marketing for results.  I am known for getting things done!  Some of my most successful transactions have been listings that were on the market for a length of time and I got buyers to visit and got a sale.